Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I love low level students …

In an activity with a new class of nine and ten year olds, where I was trying to understand what words they knew, the students all started saying the same word in Korean. I had absolutely no clue.

Eric started flapping his hands.


The students shook their heads. They were excited. Their first class with the foreign teacher. They wanted to impress me. They kept saying the Korean word. They weren't about to give up. Then, suddenly, Max laid down on the chair and put his feet up in the air.

Max with feet in the air

This just confused me. “What?!”

I offered the board marker. Max came up to the board and started drawing an animal. Because he started with the head it looked like a cat … then he drew the wings.

“Oh! Bat!”

I laughed like mad when I realized why Max’s feet were in the air and showed them why I was laughing. Also, the bat was really cute!

“It’s a bat.” I repeated and I wrote “bat” on the board.

Best explanation of bat, ever.