Thursday, January 20, 2011

Art class in Ulsan: Artist's statements

Vincent, Aidan, Jacob, and David

Soon the student's artwork will be on display around the school. I hope to stir enough envy that another art class happens because today was the last day.

Earlier this week, we reviewed all the projects we had worked on: color wheels, comics, self-portraits, collages, wire animal sculptures, and clay robot sculptures. I asked the students to think about their favorite project and write a sentence or two about it. Then they painted their name and wrote their "artist's statement" on a large piece of paper.

Influenced, perhaps, by the hilarity that was wire animal sculptures and wire dung, my students all picked the same "favorite" project.


"My favorite project is animals because animals are funny."


"My favorite project is animals because my rabbit is running fast!"


"My favorite project is wire animal because my lion is very interesting."


"My favorite project is wire animals because a cat is my favorite animal."


  1. You are pretty much the best art teacher ever.

  2. Wow! Thank you :) It does help that I have sooo much freedom.

  3. I agree with Scottie. I was impressed with how you were able to bring very interesting projects to a level they can work with.

  4. You are definitely a talented teacher Kim! I am inspired by your lessons and projects.