Friday, December 19, 2008

Wishing for snow and trying to tune into the holiday spirit in Moscow

Though I am homesick, and missing the American version of holiday spirit (especially went it comes to songs in public places), I am finding there is a bit of holiday cheer around Moscow. Unfortunately, there is still no snow on the ground and everyone is wishing for it! Need someone to come and do a snow dance.

The yolka (Christmas/New Years tree) at Mayakovskaya Ploshad near work in downtown Moscow.

Rachel and I being tourists and posing in a fairy tale (I still need to find out exactly which fairy tale this is). Unfortunately the man taking the photo only got one photo even though we switched places and he thought he took more than one picture.

Our little yolka (Christmas Tree) at Kon'kovo.

This morning the sun was shining, and we had a skiff of snow!

Our snow hill at Kon'kovo - they have snow making machines going.


  1. Aw! Kim! I'm sorry you're missing the holiday cheer. It's non-existent in Turkey, too... Not to mention that it's STILL warm enough that I have to hunt for mosquitos in my room before I go to bed, lest they bite me while I sleep.


    Just wait till next year. This time in 365 days I will be drunk off Baileys and eating apple crisp and Christmas cookies. :-P

  2. Well, you'll have to live vicariously through our snow. In the last four days, Seattle has been hit by a huge snow storm... huge for this area anyway. We have a foot of snow in our front yard and it keeps coming!!! To top it off, Seattle doesn't have the snow removal equipment to deal with this much snow, so we have to drive through unplowed roads... fun!!! At least for the last few days, I haven't regretted my XTerra purchase :)