Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow and Christmas

It has been exceptionally cold the last couple days with the humidity rising and the temperature dropping. Today we finally got a second decent snowfall! I will have to take more pictures just in case it doesn't last.

Snow falling outside my apartment before I darted inside

Ah, ah, but you want to know about (western) Christmas in Moscow ...
Even though I had to work, Christmas quite nice. I had an excellent day and felt great. It turns out that as long as I get a nice, relaxing, holiday filled morning with a generous breakfast and a present or two - the rest of the Christmas will be great! After Christmas morning at home with pancakes and stockings, Rachel and I went to the Christmas lunch and gift exchange with the other native English speakers. Then back to work!

Fortunately, my students were more than generous for Christmas and didn't mind that the lessons took a less serious, more holiday spirited tone (the teenagers were probably glad of it even though on Christmas proper I only had 3 of the 9 show up!). Many of them were aware that Western Europe and America celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December (rather than the 7th of January), so I heard "Merry Christmas" many times and received way too much candy, which I promptly handed out to anyone and everyone! I have a feeling there is more candy on the way as it is not yet new year and this is the big, commercial holiday in Russia.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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