Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flashbacks of a Fool

Oi, learning a new language is tough, frustrating, tiring, and a lot of work. I am slowly, slowly understanding more bits and pieces of Russian, and today I subjected myself to a movie dubbed in Russian. I thought I was being invited to see an actual Russian film, but it turns out it was an American independent film (Flashbacks of a Fool) that had been dubbed in Russian and was shown in the back room of a movie theater with a DVD player and projector. We sat on very uncomfortable chairs - they weren't fold-up, but they might as well have been. The people I was with told me that this is not typical of Moscow cinemas, but maybe it is for independent films -- maybe we should have gotten the hint when the movie wasn't even posted inside the theater! After mostly understanding a film through pictures and picking up a word hear and there, I continued to try and understand conversation, though I don't have the structures or vocabulary to really join in. I can ask - What does that mean? How do you say ...? I learned how to say I like something ... Ya lublu sneg (I like snow). Ah, the joys and frustrations associated with language learning!


  1. Dad wants to know if they have a word for "peanut butter" so you can say..."I like peanutbutter"

  2. you need to make someone an Elvis Presley sandwich. It's peanutbutter and banana (mashed with a fork in a bowl) add the banana on top on the peanut butter and on toast bread with butter(my mom likes a little real butter). I dont like my toasted. elvis ate his not toated with a little real butter too. good luck