Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip out of Moscow - Kolomna

A few of us from EF took a day trip out of the city today. The change in pace from Moscow to Kolomna was absolutely wonderful. We left Moscow via bus at about 10 this morning, arrived in Kolomna at noon and left at 6:30 via train. In the sunshine, we wandered around the ploshad (square), visited the monastery, saw a camel?! then grabbed a relaxed bite to eat at a great little art cafe. The prices were amazingly reasonable, as compared to the hyper-inflated prices of food in Moscow, and the food was delicious. Because we had no real need to be anywhere, the trip was slow-paced, meandering, and refreshing!

Kolomna Ploshad (square)

The Leaning Tower of Kolomna

Kolomna Ploshad from afar

The Wall

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