Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day in Moscow is the same as any other day

Happy Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving day is in full swing, and I'm at work! No break for the Americans on our holiday ... thus is life. We do have plans to have Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment (Rachel's and my apartment) on Sunday. It sounds like it will end up just being a big party, but hopefully it's fun and somewhat Thanksgiving-esque. The plan is that everyone will bring what food idems they need for it to be Thanksgiving for them (other than Turkey :). We will be eating chicken instead of turkey because it's easier (as in we don't have to cook it all day). There's a kiosk that sells delicious rotisserie chickens near our apartment, and we have a 24 hour grocery store, so in case we are running low on food or drink we can run and get more!


  1. Sounds wonderful and exciting! Good luck with your celebration! My Thanksgiving Day is long gone. I wonder if I can find rotisserie chickens somewhere?! Maybe...

  2. SO I'm curious. After reading about your earlier food problems at the grocery store, the translation issues and all, did you have anything "weird" for your thanksgiving?
    Also, on the Amazing Race last night they were in Moscow. And the alphabet and language barrier was causing some real trouble. Made me think of you. LOVE