Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First day of class and a power outage

My first day of teaching and the power went out in my side of the building during the evening class. Although it's a tad different because I was prepared for class, the power outage reminds me of the time I got out of failing a human physiology test in high school because the power went out. I had skipped the day of the test because I forgot to study and when I came to class the next day ... I unfortunately still had not studied. As I struggled through the test, (not a multiple choice, by the way) feeling embarrassed that I had not studied, (even with an extra day!) and knowing I would fail, the power went out ... We all sat in the dark for five minutes, and then the principle came to tell us we could all go home. Hallelujah! I had another day to study for the test. That night I ensured that I could correct my mistakes and pass with flying colors. Talk about a getting a break!

Anyway, my first day of teaching - other than the power outage - went well. My planning is a little rough around the edges, mostly because I cannot bring the books home. Of course I have things I can improve upon, particularly giving instructions and error correction. This will come with time - once I get my footing with teaching and lesson planning, I will be able to focus more on error correction. I would like to get my bearings with the books and figure out an overall strategy, but alas, I am unable to take much of my work home with me. There are many more teachers than there are books!

All said and done, I am glad to be working again!

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