Thursday, September 25, 2008

Arrival in Moscow

Well, I survived the long trip after all. I'm hoping to actually sleep tonight and get on some sort of regular sleeping schedule, so I decided not to just sleep and sleep like I wanted. In two hours my new roommate will be home - we have only met in passing, but she was very helpful in getting me into my room and the apartment.

I have included pictures of my room, the shower room (toilet and shower are separate rooms), and the view from my window. While the bed is pretty comfortable, the person that had it before me broke it ... and it would be nice to have a bed that wasn't on the ground! We'll see if I actually do anything about it in the long run. The room has a balcony ... but it seemed a bit unstable when I went out on it - it probably will serve as a place to dry clothes and not much more!


  1. Yay Kim! You're there! I'm glad that you made it in one piece. Hopefully you packed some melatonin with you in all that overweight luggage? It works wonders. I swear it helped me get over jet lag to Turkey in three days tops. *hugs* j

  2. Hey Kim-glad to hear you and your luggage made it safely!! looking forward to reading more about your "excellent adventure"