Sunday, September 28, 2008

Red Square

Last night was Rachel's (my roommate's) birthday, so she got a group of us together to go out for the evening. After dinner we walked through Red Square: Krasnaya Ploshad -- words and badly photographed evening pictures cannot describe how awesome it is. St. Basil's, the icon of Moscow, is definitely a sight to behold, and I would suggest that anyone who has had an inkling of fascination or admiration for the building should go and see it in person. As I told one of my coworkers when we were walking around it, seeing the full three-dimensionality and being able to interact with it, St. Basil's is so much better than pictures could ever capture. Just like any sculpture - seeing it in the round is the only way to truly appreciate it. Perhaps it is the euphoria of knowing that I will be able to see this building almost whenever I would like for nearly a year or the honeymoon effect of being in a new country, but St. Basil's and the feeling in Red Square is indescribable!

I have included a couple photos taken in the evening without a tripod ...

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  1. We enjoyed your comments about St.Basil. reminded us of how we felt when we first saw it in person!! Is it ever possible to see inside?

    We really like your blog enjoy the real time feeling of your experiences!