Monday, December 27, 2010

Another "dark" Christmas Story by Korean teens

It's December 1st.

We went to the North Pole. There [were] so many elves in the Santa village. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus went to the factory, but the elves [weren't working, they were drinking] some Coca-Cola with [the Polar] bear[s].

So, Santa said, "Do you want to die?!?!" but [the elves] said, "We made 2 million toys."

Santa need[ed] reindeer, but [all his] reindeer [were in] jail. Santa changed reindeer.

December 25th.

Santa gave presents [to children] but [the presents were] Coca-Cola bottles [and] one present [was] a time bomb.

Santa [returned to] Santa village, but one child [died] because of the time bomb, and Santa [planned the dead child's funeral].


See you next Christmas.

Story by Chris, Sally, and Tony

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