Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Korean Independence Day and some beach garbage ... I mean treasure

I awoke this morning to the sound of wet roads and grey skies. Disappointed in myself for sleeping in, and disappointed in the weather for not cooperating with my plan to head to Haeundae Beach, I decided to head out to Haeundae's distant, neglected, and abused cousin, Ilsan Beach. Possessing all the finer points of a beach -- fine, golden sand, a narrow inlet which creates a protected cove, and beautiful, golden rocks to climb -- Ilsan Beach should be a haven for foreign shipyard workers, foreign English teachers and Koreans, alike.

Unfortunately, the lack of upkeep and the variety of debris left on the beach by beach-goers or washed on shore from freighters and other big ships, create a situation in which the beach is respected by none and enjoyed only by those who have not seen the ocean for a while, have selective vision or ... are kids.

My first encounter with Ilsan met all of these requirements, and it was not until I had glorious Haeundae Beach as a comparison that I realized the magnitude of Ilsan's neglect and abuse.

Yet, like all things, in life, if you dress it up in your best sense of humor, put on your rose-tinted glasses, cock your creative thinking cap to the side, and squint a little ... Ilsan Beach has some treasures to behold.

I have intentionally left these photos without caption. Please feel free to contribute your own narrative as a comment ... Additionally, the sequence of events is merely a suggestion, feel free to rearrange.


  1. Caption for pic second from bottom (Disclaimer, only makes sense if you've read the Hunger Games): It was only after coming to the surface that the people of District 13 realized the radiation turned them into midgets.

  2. This looks sad. I think these photos could become priceless for any environmental newspaper if they are accompanied by an article written by you :)