Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Milk Update

I began buying unrefrigerated, boxed milk about two months ago. I grew tired of how quickly the refrigerated, bottled milk went bad, tried bagged refrigerated milk, then finally settled on the boxed milk with the big “M” on it. The first few boxes of milk I bought astounded me with how far away the expiration date was – about 6 years, so I stopped checking dates … then I moved, went to a new grocery store and ended up buying milk that had been packaged in 2002 – quick, do the math, yes, more than 6 years ago! What were you doing in 2002? When this milk was being packaged. The reason this milk lasts so long? It’s been irradiated, and I wonder if it has any nutritional value whatsoever. Regardless, even past its expiration date, it is quite a bit better tasting than any other milk I have found. I can almost drink a glass of it! For some reason Russian milk has a slightly sweet rather than slightly bitter taste to it. The milk I liked in the United States had a nice, solid taste to it and if it was sweet it was not the same strange sweetness that milk here has. One of my British colleagues says that all the milk is from powdered milk, another of my colleagues says that Russian milk isn’t heated like American milk (for pasteurization) instead a chemical is added to the milk. Perhaps the reason the irradiated milk doesn’t taste as bad as the “fresh” milk is the lack of this chemical. Whatever the case, not all milk is created and processed equal.

Find the error, i.e. tell me what I did wrong.


  1. Frickin awesome! I drink boxed milk in Turkey, too. I never thought to check the expiration date. I am amazed at how long the boxed milk keeps in the fridge. Yeah, maybe ours is irradiated, too...

    I don't mind the taste that much. I got so scared of how horrible it would be, that by the time I finally tried it, I was expecting death in a glass. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it resembles milk. But I know what you mean...

  2. Ok - I feel I owe everyone an explanation / apology. The milk is not quite 6 years old ... try a couple months. Look again at the expiration dates and you'll see what I mean. (It's six months, not six years - day, month, year).