Monday, February 2, 2009

-10 C: Time for a walk

Добро Пожаловать Dobra Pozhalovat "Welcome" - a nice invitation into the forest

The sun shone in my window this morning, waking me up and making me realize that cabin fever had finally caught hold. I forced myself to bundle up and head out into the frozen outdoors. At minus ten degrees Celsius, with the sun shining and snow on the ground, the beauty of winter comes through. You no longer fight with the slush, the snow stays powdery rather than turning to ice, most people stay inside, and if there is any wind at all, it is a very light breeze. Of course, with minus ten in mind, I was only able to handle the cold for 45 minutes max. Regardless, the forest I have looked at from my window since I arrived in Moscow is gorgeous and huge, not to mention a quiet and ominous wintry landscape. In a city the size of Moscow, it is remarkable to get ten meters into a forest, only a maximum of 20 meters away from a major road, and realize the only sound you hear is snow crunching under the weight of your boots.

When it warms up and the days are longer, I will explore this forest to my heart’s content. With benches lining the path, it would provide a nice quietish spot for reading. Yet, I’m sure that when the weather warms up more and more people will frequent the forest because while the forest maintains a elegant monochromatic theme in the snow, the light greens of early spring, along with the wildflowers that are sure to appear, will be wonderful.

Aside from the forest, I saw a little more of the neighborhood in which I live.

4 Akademik Kapitza Ulitza (The building I call home)


  1. Wow, Kim!
    You make the cold sound so alluring!
    -10 C sounds super cold until I realize it's 14 F. That's still plenty cold though! We woke up to 6 F this morning in Idaho!
    It'd be nice to have a forest to venture into here!
    Love ya,

  2. I love your blog. You take me back to 1979 and I was living in Sweden on an exchange program in one of the coldest winters in recent history. As I read your blog I think of visiting you when you were 5 or so and we tried to play a board game. I asked you to read a card and my inexperience with kids at the time showed. You looked at me and said "I can't read ( you dope )." You sure have command of the language now. Candi

  3. Thanks, Candi! I don't remember the pre-reading board game experience, but I do remember having a lot of fun when you came to visit. Glad you are enjoying the blog (I'm enjoying keeping it :)